Welcome to stained glass noodles!

It has been ten years since I started working with stained glass. I was immediately captivated by the never ending kaleidoscope of colour which changes character with the prevailing light in a manner no other art form seemed to achieve. This website covers my work since then which has developed since my arrival in Thailand in 2004.


Why stained glass?

One of the first things I noticed on my arrival in Thailand was just how little stained glass is to be found here. Save for a few Churches and upmarket hotels there is precious little in evidence. This is a great pity because one resource Thailand has in plenty is sunshine, perhaps too much of it. Stained glass is a great way of decreasing the intensity of light shining through a window and in so doing transform the mood of a room. It is perfect for providing privacy and obscuring an undesirable view whilst at the same time letting light in. No need to have tiny windows and hide from the daylight.

At night it is a similar story, ubiquitous fluorescent strip lights provide a cold unrelaxing light, whereas by obscuring light bulbs with coloured glass the ambience of a place can be transformed into something relaxing or inviting.



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